Biolearn enables easy and versatile analyses of biomarkers of aging data. It provides tools to easily load data from publicly available sources like the Gene Expression Omnibus, National Health and Nutrition Examimation Survey, and the Framingham Heart Study. Biolearn also contains reference implemenations for common aging clock such at the Horvath clock, DunedinPACE and many others that can easily be run in only a few lines of code. You can read more about it in our paper.


This is a prerelease version of the biolearn library. There may be bugs and interfaces are subject to change.


Python 3.10+


Install biolearn using pip.

pip install biolearn

To verify the library was installed correctly open python or a jupyter notebook and run:

from biolearn.data_library import DataLibrary

If it executes with no errors then the library is installed. To get started check out some code examples

Discord server#

The biolearn team has a discord server to answer questions, discuss feature requests, or have any biolearn related discussions.


If you find any bugs with biolearn please create a Github issue including how we can replicate the issue and the expected vs actual behavior.


Detailed instructions on developer setup and how to contribute are available in the repo